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Getting Ready for a Relocation

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Relocating can be full of new opportunities, experiences and challenges – each move is a bit different. Relocating can be an exciting time, but it can also bring stress and uncertainty. Whether it’s your first move or you’re a pro, everyone can use some support when facing a move. Here are some tips to help prepare for your relocation:

Here are some tips to help prepare for your relocation: 


  • Regularly discuss possible posting opportunities as a couple.
  • Talk about what the family can handle, and what you are hoping for.
  • Think through the top 5 priorities for your family. What would be important to consider for a posting?
  • While postings are an integral part of a CAF member’s employment and career progression, it is important to discuss the career progression of both partners and what the potential impacts of a posting could be on the partner’s career and the family as a whole.
  • Ensure that both partners share their opinions, voice their concerns, and acknowledge how the other person is feeling.


  • If a posting location changes, or if the member does not receive the posting they were hoping for, this can lead to disappointment and it can be difficult to manage your disappointment or frustration. Try to talk about it with your partner in an open and respectful way.
  • If personal or family circumstances arise that could affect the member’s ability to be posted, they can seek guidance through the Chain of Command.
  • If a posting instruction will not meet the needs of the family, the member should request a meeting with their Chain of Command and Career Manager to discuss next steps.
  • It can be difficult if someone else in your community gets the posting that you were hoping for. Recognize that this can lead to jealousy or frustration, and try to be kind to yourself and your partner.


  • Once you receive your posting message, now is the time to get online and learn more about your new community, and reach out to the local military family service provider, whether the MFRC (Military Family Resource Centre) or MFS (Military Family Services).
  • Connect with your local PSP Community Recreation Office for a Kids’ Relocation Activity Guide. Borrow games and equipment from PSP while yours may be packed or unavailable.
  • Recognize that this can be a stressful time for everyone in the family. Explain to your teen that Kids Help Phone is available as a free and confidential resource. They can call or text for support 24/7: Text CAFKIDS at 686868 for service in English or JEUNESFAC at 686868 for support in French.
  • Talk to your children’s coaches and recreational instructors, they can help prepare your family for the transition with copies of courses or levels completed and ensure teammates can say good bye.
  • If you’re feeling nervous or overwhelmed, that’s natural and reaching out to the Family Information Line (FIL) can be a big help – for quick answers about specific issues to short-term confidential counseling.
  • During the hustle and bustle of a move, make sure you take time to do the things you love and bring you joy.
  • Check out our Getting Settled tip sheet too, which has useful tips for integrating into your new community.

Know where to turn for answers about relocation: key resources include your MFRC, SISIP financial services, and CAF relocation guidance.