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Our Vision

A proud, resilient military family thriving in a dynamic and supportive community.

Our Mission

To enhance resilience in military families through provision of programs and services that serve, involve and advocate for the military community and their families and address the unique challenges of the military family lifestyle and will result in enhanced quality of life and enable military operations. 

Our Credo

We believe our first responsibility is to the military community and their families.  In meeting their needs, everything we do must be done with integrity and respect.  We will strive to ensure all will be treated in a confidential, non-judgmental manner that respects individuality and provides equal treatment for all.  We must serve our clients promptly and in a way that encourages personal empowerment.  It is our core belief that families matter. 

We are responsive to the Commander of Maritime Forces Pacific, Base Commander and the Directorate of Military Family Services whom we work with as equal partners.  We will strive to build a greater understanding of our role and ensure our partners are fully informed about the organization and the community that we serve.  We must be accountable through our actions and demonstrate our commitment, integrity and uniqueness.   We must keep them informed through respectful and honest communication.  Their guidance and support is important to our success. 

Our commitment is to progress as a learning organization:  an organization that uses tools to think and learn together, communicate and cooperate.  We will foster these activities at all levels.  We will work to empower all those involved to develop, learn, create, seek excellence and reflect so they continually increase their capacity to produce results they really care about.


Unit Liaisons

For military members interested in supporting members of their unit and their families.
Unit Liaisons