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Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Reimagined around the member experience, Dialogue’s EFAP will give you access to essential wellness services to stay happy and healthy, integrated into a modern digital-first platform that you will love. 

Dialogue’s team consists of dedicated professionals, which leads to a fast, reliable response times and high-quality of service, including follow-ups to ensure you get back on your feet quickly. 

Here are the professional consulting services you would expect in an EFAP, but faster, more accessible, and focused on driving positive outcomes more quickly. 

  • Mental Health: Mood disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.), insomnia and fatigue, stress, anger & emotion regulation, grief. etc. 
  • Family and relationships: Parenting, relationship and intimacy, family dynamics, conflict resolution, etc. 
  • Work and Career: Professional development, work performance, workplace conflict, etc. 
  • Legal Services: Civil & criminal law (consumer protection, contracts), property law (commercial, residential), etc. 
  • Financial Services: Bankruptcy, debt, real estate, mortgage, retirement planning, etc.