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Schedule a Briefing


If you’re looking to host a PD day or to educate your unit on a specific health topic, please use the form below to book a Health Promotion briefing. Unlike our scheduled programs, briefings are facilitated in flexible 1 to 3 hour increments.

Please inform us of any special learning considerations regarding your unit or the amenities provided by your chosen venue. 


Full description of our briefings can be found here.


*unlike our regularly scheduled courses, Health Promotion does not provide certificates of completion after a briefing, and attendees do not qualify for MITE or HRMS codes. 

Please include civic address AND building number if possible
(parking, room access key, etc.)
(We will need access to the space ½ hour prior to the briefing for set-up, if possible)
For a 1 hour briefing, select 1. For a 2 hour briefing, select up tp 2. For a 3 hour briefing, you may select up to 3.
(If so, please list them below)

If there are any issues, or if you have any questions regarding our services, please reach out to us at 902-722-4956 or [email protected]