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Privacy notice

Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS) is committed to providing websites that respect the privacy of visitors. This privacy notice summarizes the privacy practices for the CFMWS online activities.

All personal information collected by this institution is governed by the Privacy Act. This means that you will be informed of the purpose for which your personal information is being collected and how to exercise your right of access to that information.

  • Your privacy and the Internet
    The nature of the Internet is such that Web servers automatically collect certain information about a visit to a website, including the visitor's Internet Protocol (IP) address. IP addresses are unique numbers assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISP) to all devices used to access the Internet. Web servers automatically log the IP addresses of visitors to their site. The IP address, on its own, does not identify an individual. However, in certain circumstances, such as with the co-operation of an ISP for example, it could be used to identify an individual using the site. For this reason, CFMWS considers the IP address to be personal information, particularly when combined with other data automatically collected when visitors request a Web page such as the page or pages visited, date and time of the visit. 
    Unless otherwise noted, CFMWS does not automatically gather any specific information from you, such as your name, telephone number or email address. CFMWS would obtain this type of information only if you supply it to us, for example, by email or by filling in a contact/registration form. In such cases, how your personal information is handled will be provided in a Personal Information Collection Statement. 
    In cases where services are provided by organizations outside of CFMWS, such as social media platforms or mobile applications, IP addresses may be recorded by the web server of the third-party service provider.
  • Communicating with CFMWS 
    If you choose to send CFMWS an email or complete a feedback form online, your personal information is used by CFMWS in order to respond to your inquiry. CFMWS does not use the information to create individual profiles nor does it disclose the information to anyone other than to those who need to provide you with a response. Any disclosure of your personal information is in accordance with the Privacy Act. 
    Emails and other electronic methods used to communicate with CFMWS are not secure unless it is specifically stated on a Web page. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not send sensitive personal information, such as your Social Insurance Number or your date of birth, through non-secure electronic means. 
    Personal information from emails or completed feedback forms is collected pursuant to the National Defence Act. Such information may be used for statistical, evaluation and reporting purposes and is included in Personal Information Bank PSU 914 Public Communications.
  • CFMWS CFOne membership and services
    Personal information that you provide to CFMWS for CFOne is collected under the authority of the National Defence Act. Your personal information is protected and will only be used and disclosed in accordance with the provision of the Privacy Act, as described below and in Personal Information Bank CFMWS PPU 001 CFOne Membership Program. 
    CFMWS has always been strongly committed to protecting your personal information, providing the necessary safeguards to secure it, ensure its accuracy and maintain your confidentiality in how we collect, use and disclose it. We keep your information only for as long as we need it to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected and to meet any legal requirements. 
    CFMWS will not share or transfer personal information to any unrelated third party for any secondary marketing purpose without your express consent.
  • Mess Administration In & Out Clearance
    Personal information is collected under the authority of the National Defence Act. The information is required by the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS) for mess administration purposes, including mess membership and distribution lists, and payment of dues. The information is also used to update your contact information in the CFMWS databases to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date. The information may also be used for statistical, evaluation and reporting purposes.
  • Why do we collect, use and disclose personal information about you?

    We do this to provide you with the services that you receive with your CFOne membership. This allows us to: 

    • Communicate with you; 
    • Enter your membership application into our database and create your membership; 
    • Confirm membership for CF Appreciation partner discounts 
    • Analyze membership statistics 
    • Improve the services we provide to you 
    • Improve your web experience; and 
    • Ensure your awareness of relevant CFMWS programs 
  • What personal information do we collect?

    We collect personal information for the purposes outlined above. Only the information pertinent to your membership will be obtained. This information could include: 

    • Name, address, telephone/fax numbers, e-mail address; 
    • Gender, marital status, dependents; 
    • Date of Birth; 
    • Language preference; 
    • Employment and or retirement information; 
    • Rank 
  • How may you show your consent to our collection, use, and disclosure of this personal information?

    You indicate your consent in one or more of the following ways: 

    • By providing your personal information when you enroll as a CFOne member, including information previously provided to us; 
    • By your express consent or acknowledgement in the CFOne membership application process
  • With whom do we share or collect information about you?

    We may collect or share information with: 

    • You; 
    • Anyone authorized by you or by law to access such information; 
    • Industry data collection agencies for the purpose of summative analysis. 
    • Information may be provided internally to authorized Staff of the Non-Public Funds, Canadian Forces (SNPF, CF) employees strictly as needed to fulfill membership services and benefits including to designated staff in the following program areas: CANEX, PSP, CFAppreciation, Communications and Marketing, SISIP, MFS and Finance.
  • May you withdraw your consent for us to collect, use and disclose your information?
    You may, on reasonable notice, withdraw your consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information. However, that may prevent us from providing you with the requested product or service. We may contact you to offer other available, CFOne membership services and or products. If you would rather not receive such information, please let us know that by contacting us at: 
    CFOne Membership Services 
    [email protected]
  • Third-party social media
    CFMWS uses social media as an extension of its presence on the Web. Social media account(s) are public and are not hosted on CFMWS servers. Users who choose to interact with us via social media should read the terms of service and privacy policies of these third-party service providers and those of any applications you use to access them. 
    Personal information that you provide to CFMWS via social media account(s) is collected under the authority of the National Defence Act. This information is collected to capture conversations (e.g. questions and answers, comments, "likes", retweets) between you and CFMWS. It may be used to respond to inquiries, or for statistical, evaluation and reporting purposes. Comments posted that violate Canadian law will be deleted and disclosed to law enforcement authorities. Comments that violate our rules of engagement will also be deleted. The personal information is included in Personal Information Bank PSU 938 Outreach Activities.

Improving your experience on CFMWS websites

  • Digital markers (including cookies)

    A digital marker is a resource created by the visitors' browser in order to remember certain pieces of information for the Web server to reference during the same or subsequent visit to the website. Examples of digital markers are "cookies" or HTML5 web storage. Some examples of what digital markers do are as follows: 

    • they allow a website to recognize a previous visit each time the visitor accesses the site; 
    • they track what information is viewed on a site which helps website administrators ensure visitors find what they are looking for. 

    CFMWS use sessional or persistent digital markers on its websites. During your on-line visit, your browser exchanges data with the CFMWS Web servers. The digital markers used do not allow CFMWS to identify individuals and do not contain personal data. 
    You may adjust your browser settings to reject digital markers, including cookies, if you so choose. However, it may affect your experience with the CFMWS websites. 

  • Web analytics

    Web analytics is the collection, analysis, measurement, and reporting of data about Web traffic and visits for purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage. Information in digital markers may be used for the purpose of web analytics to remember your online interactions with the CFMWS websites. 
    CFMWS uses Crazy Egg, a Web analytics software, that tracks a visitors interaction as they navigate within the websites. This analytics measurement tool uses "session" and "persistent" cookies to collect standard Internet log information and to track visitor behaviour information in an anonymous form. Persistent cookies are stored on your computer and expire two years after your last visit to our websites. The information generated by the cookies about your use of the websites (including the first nine digits of your IP address) is transmitted by Crazy Egg. No personal, identifying information is recorded or provided to Crazy Egg. This anonymous information is then used to evaluate visitors' use of the websites and to compile statistical reports on website activity. For further information about the Crazy Egg analytics tool, please refer to the Crazy Egg Privacy Policy
    If you wish, you may opt out of being tracked by Crazy Egg by disabling or refusing the cookies; by disabling JavaScript within your browser; or by following Crazy Egg Opt Out Instructions (link is external). Disabling JavaScript will still permit you to access comparable information or services from our websites. If you have never disabled the session cookie option, it should be enabled by default. To disable cookies or JavaScript, please refer to your vendor's browser instruction guide. 
    CFMWS uses Google Analytics to improve its websites. When your computer requests a CFMWS Web page, the following types of information are collected for Web analytics: 

    • the originating IP address
    • the date and time of the request
    • the type of browser used

    If you wish, you may opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics by disabling or refusing the cookies; by disabling JavaScript within your browser; or by using the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-On. Disabling Google Analytics or JavaScript will still permit you to access comparable information or services from our websites. However, if you disable your session cookie option, you will still be able to access our public websites, but you might have difficulties accessing any secure services. 
    CFMWS uses log file analysis internally and retains information collected for Web analytics for a maximum period of 18 months. After this period, the information must be disposed of in accordance with the Standard on Privacy and Web Analytics or as authorized by the Librarian and Archivist of Canada. The information is not disclosed to an external third party service provider. 
    Data collected for Web analytics purposes goes outside of Canada to Google servers and may be processed in any country where Google operates servers. Data may be subject to the governing legislation of that country, for example the USA Patriot Act. For further information about Google Analytics, please refer to the Google Analytics terms of service
    Information used for the purpose of Web analytics is collected pursuant to the Department of National Defence Act. Such data may be used for communications and information technology statistical purposes, audit, and evaluation, research, planning and reporting. For more information on how your privacy is safeguarded in relation to web analytics, see the Standard on Privacy and Web Analytics. 

  • Protecting the security of the CFMWS website
    CFMWS employ software programs to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage. This software receives and records the IP address of the computer that has contacted our websites, the date and time of the visit and the pages visited. We make no attempt to link these addresses with the identity of individuals visiting our sites unless an attempt to damage the sites has been detected. 
    This information is collected pursuant to section 161 of the Financial Administration Act. The information may be shared with appropriate law enforcement authorities if suspected criminal activities are detected. Such information may be used for network security related statistical purposes, audit, evaluation, research, planning and reporting and is included in Personal Information Bank PSU 939 Security Incidents and Privacy Breaches.
  • Inquiring about these practices
    Any questions, comments, concerns or complaints you may have regarding the administration of the Privacy Act and privacy policies regarding the CFMWS Web presence may be directed to our Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator by email to [email protected], by calling 613-943-0018 or writing to: 
    Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator 
    Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services 
    4210 Labelle Street, Ottawa, 
    ON K1A 0K2 
    If you are not satisfied with CFMWS’ response to your privacy concern, you may contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner by telephone at 1-800-282-1376.
  • Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability 
    Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services provides this website and its content for the exclusive use of Canadian Forces members and their families. All reasonable effort has been made to prepare accurate and useful information for site visitors; all web links were functioning at the time of publication. All material was translated from English to French or French to English through standard translation channels. We realize that despite our best efforts, there may be some inaccuracies, and we urge visitors to email us with any issues or suggestions for improvement.

CFMWS Online Privacy Statement

  • Stuff that only lawyers love but we should tell you anyway
    The website and the information or materials herein are provided on an "as is, where is" basis. MFS and PSP make no representations or warranties, either express or implied, of any kind with respect to the website or its contents. By using or attempting to use the website, visitors expressly acknowledge that MFS and PSP make no warranties or representations regarding the content of the website. There are no warranties or representations made regarding the content of the website in terms of how current it is, its accuracy, or its completeness. The information contained in this website is not intended to create any relationship between the managers of the website, Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada, the Minister of National Defence, the Chief of the Defence Staff, the Staff of the Non-Public Funds, the Director General Personnel and Family Support Services, the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces, and their directors, officers, servants, agents and employees, and the recipient. As a service to visitors of this website, MFS and PSP include links to other websites over which they have no control. Links to external sites are provided for information purposes only and do not constitute endorsement, express or implied, by the MFSP or PSP of the referenced organizations, their suitability, content, products, or services, whether they are governmental, educational or commercial. We do not assume any liability for the information contained within these websites, be it direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, or other damages. Site visitors hereby irrevocably waive any claim against MFS and PSP with respect to such websites.
  • Visitors
    The visitor acknowledges that any content, opinions (including without limitation, reviews), offers and information, (herein referred to as “Content”), he or she provides to the website becomes the property of CFMWS, including all copyright, without reservation. The visitor waives, in favour of CFMWS, any and all moral rights in such Content. The visitor acknowledges and agrees that all or any portion of the Content may be used, edited, reproduced, published, translated, sublicensed, copied and distributed and/or incorporated into other works in any form, media, or technology now known or hereafter developed for the full term of any copyright that may exist in such Content, without compensation of any kind to the visitor. By submitting Content to MFS or PSP, the visitor automatically warrants that he/she has the full right and authority to submit such Content, and that none of such Content is subject to any copyright or other proprietary right of a third party. The owners and operators of the website reserve the right to not publish, or to remove any Content that they deem in their sole discretion, to be inappropriate for the website, for any reason whatsoever.
  • Non-commercial reproduction
    Information on this site has been posted with the intent that it be readily available for personal, non-commercial use only and may be reproduced, in part or in whole and by any means, without charge or further permission from the MFS or PSP. We ask only that: Visitors exercise due diligence in ensuring the accuracy of the materials reproduced;The MFS and/or PSP be identified as the source department; and,The reproduction is not represented as an official version of the materials reproduced, nor as having been made, in affiliation with or with the endorsement of MFS / PSP. All information contained within this website is for general informational purposes only. If you use the information on this website, you do so at your own risk.