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Rules and Regulations



The Contest is organized by the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS), and the Imaging Systems Program Management (ISPM) of the Assistant Deputy Minister (Public Affairs) (ADM PA). Canadian Tire and Westjet our proud to sponsor this year’s contest and a Canadian Tire $1 000 gift card prize and a Westjet voucher for 2 round trip tickets (CAN to CAN, USA, Mexico, Caribbean) to 3 winners. 


The Canadian Armed Forces Imagery Contest is held annually. Entries will be accepted between 1st September and the closing date of 15 th October, 2023.


Contestants must have a CF1 Card, if not already in possession of a CF1 Card you can apply for a FREE card

Professional and amateur photographers are welcomed to participate. 

Note:  The contestants must indicate on the Entry Form his/her affiliation with CAF/DND as described in the Eligibility criteria. Members and their families who are directly associated with the organizing, running, sponsoring or judging of this contest, are specifically excluded from participating.


Contestants may submit entries in any of the following categories. 

Military Operations - This category is defined by those photographs depicting military personnel (in uniform) at work, on duty, on parade, on exercise, on training, on deployment, on operations at home and abroad, using the tools of the trade; or photographs showing military equipment or vehicles in action, where military personnel may not be clearly visible.

Military Community Life - This category is defined by photographs of CAF Community in all walks of life - parenting and family, children, cute baby pictures, couples and relationships, pets, models / fashion, people engaged in outdoor/indoor activities, wedding and vacation. Including photographs of a person or a group of people.

Canadian Pride -  This category show cases all that we as Canadians have pride in, our history, landscapes, culture and achievements. Photographs that that focused on engaging and inspiring youth; celebrating our diversity and encouraging inclusion; establishing a spirit of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples; and discovering Canada’s natural beauty and strengthening environmental awareness.

Note: Basics adjustments such as cropping, sensor dust retouching, sharpening, colour correction and tone adjustments (levels, curves, burning/dodging), are allowed in any categories but only to a level needed to reproduce the original scene.


  • The organizing committee reserves the right to refuse an entry, or change its title, if the submission is deemed to be inappropriate for the intended audience of the CAF Imagery Contest.
  • All entries, without exception, must be submitted as digital files in jpeg file format, all other image format and printed photos will be rejected.
  • Contestants may enter one image in each category or more than one image in a single category as long as the total number of images submitted, from each contestant, does not exceed three (3). Each unique image can only be submitted once and entered in only one category. 
  • Entries to the Contest must be the original work of the contestant (ex: no pictures or a picture), and must not have been submitted to a previous CAF/DND Photo Contest.
  • Black & white or color images are accepted in all categories.
  • The subject material of images must be UNCLASSIFIED.  It is the photographers responsibility to ensure an operational photograph is approved submission or publication.
  • The viewable portion of the image must be free of marking such as: Copyright, photographer’s/studio’s name, image number signatures, dates and times. 
  • Images must be borderless, no matting and framing allowed, in any category other than Altered Image.
  • Each image file must be named as follows: once you have entered a title on the Entry Form, name the corresponding digital file using that same title preceded by the image number i.e.: 1-ColdMorning
  • Image file names must be no more than 28 characters, using only letters and numbers NO special characters.
  • To preserve the highest quality, use the lowest possible amount of compression.
  • Horizontal images must be a minimum of 1800 pixels wide. 
  • Vertical images must be a minimum of 1800 pixels tall.
  • Minimum of1 MB per image submitted.. 


The online entry form is available at: Complete the form, upload your images (min of 1 MB per image) and submit.


All participants must have Model Release forms signed when the image contains “identifiable” people.  A model release is a signed agreement from the subject(s) which states that the photographer is authorized to publish his/her/their picture.  A sample model release is available on the website. A model release is not normally required if the picture was taken at a military or public event. The photographers’ own model release form will also be accepted.

The Photographer, at the time of the shoot, must keep in mind the possible future requirement for publication.  In those situations where a model release is required and cannot be obtained, the image will not be published.


By submitting entries, the contestant agrees that all submissions can be used without further permission, properly accredited, for, but not limited to:

  • publication in DND, CAF and CFMWS magazines, posters, calendars, websites and sponsors’ websites, social media approved by the organizing committee; 
  • display at various DND locations and; 
  • any other CAF Imagery Contest promotional material.


In consideration of my participation in or attendance at these Activities, I, on behalf of myself, personal representatives, heirs, spouse, children or assigns, do hereby waive,  release and forever discharge His Majesty the King in Right of Canada, as represented by Chief of Defence Staff his]  Non-Public Property capacity through Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services as appropriate, his officers, servants, agents, employees, volunteers, officials, participants, agents, sponsors  and members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Staff of the Non-Public Funds and the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, (collectively the “Organization”) from and against all claims and demands, loss, costs, damages, actions, causes of action, suits or other proceedings by whomsoever made, brought, or prosecuted in a manner, related to any loss, property damage, personal injury or death, resulting from, occasioned by or attributable in any way to my acts or omissions resulting from my participation in or attendance at this Activities in any manner whatsoever including, but not limited to, the negligence of the Organization, either collectively or individually.


The judging process of imagery Contest takes place in several rounds over a 2 week period, from 1 to 15 November, 2023. It involves juries and the chain of command, and takes place both online and offline (by following government restrictions and guidelines).

The first jury will meet and be comprised of contest organizers (which includes a professional photographer.  During the jury process Judging will be based on criteria such as photo composition, originality and how well the submission reflects the selected contest category. The jury will narrow down the entries to a top 20 photographs and present them to a chain of command executive committee. 

For example, military community life top 20 will be presented to 14 CFMWS Executive Board Members in no particular order.  Each member will be able to vote twice on their favorite photograph, they have the option of voting for two different images, or using their vote on the same image.  Based on the vote, the top two photographs will be presented to the CFMWS Chief Excutive Officer for their final selection of the winning photograph. A similar process will be conducted by Imaging Systems Program Management (ISPM) of the Assistant Deputy Minister (Public Affairs) (ADM PA) for the military operations category, and the sponsor for Canadian Pride category.  

The decision of the juries and chain of command are final.


The prizes are non-transferable and must be accepted as awarded.  The prizes are guaranteed to be awarded. By entering the contest, entrants agree to abide by these rules, and the decisions of Imagey contest are final on all matters regarding this contest.  The winners will be notified by their chain of command or by mail, shortly after they have been identified as winning entries.  The winners must sign a declaration and claim form in order to claim their prize. If a prize is unclaimed the next eligible person will qualify to win it. The winners will receive their prize approximately 30 days from the date the claim form is returned to CFMWS.


The list of winners in all categories will be announced on our social media platforms and in the Maple Leaf and sent to all participants that have provided an email address and through chain of command in December. 

By entering the contest, Contestants grant permission to the CAF Imagery Photo Organization to publish his/her name, city, province of residence, photo, video, or any likeness and details of their prize(s) for advertising or publicity purposes without any additional compensation and winning Contestants agree to sign a Declaration and Release Form to this effect.


Web site:

Email: [email protected]