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CAF Image Gallery 2012 - 2019

The CAF Imagery contest is all about celebrating the beauty found within our military communities.

Darrell Priede Award Winners

  • MCpl Jennifer Kusche

    MCpl Jennifer Kusche

    Darrell Priede Award in 2019 View Bio
    MCpl Jennifer Kusche

    MCpl Jennifer Kusche

    Darrell Priede Award in 2019
    MCpl Jennifer Kusche is awarded with the Darrell Priede Award in 2019 for her contributions in the field of Photography and for her contributions to the CAF and CAF community.

    MCpl Jennifer Kusche was born April 7, 1983 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Upon graduating from high school, she began her studies in Applied Criminal Justice at Mount Royal College. It was during this time that she made the decision to join the Army Reserves as a Vehicle Technician with 14 (Calgary) Service Battalion. She graduated from Mount Royal College in 2005, completed her QL4 and QL5 and soon after was deployed to Afghanistan in February 2008 for Op ATHENA. She completed 10 months of training in Edmonton with 1 Service Battalion and after her deployment, she made the decision to join the Reg Force as an Imagery Technician.

    Completing her Image Tech QL3 course, MCpl Kusche’s first posting was to 14 Wing Greenwood. While serving in Greenwood she flew to CFS Alert for three snow-filled weeks, provided support to the base, and completed her QL5 course. In 2010, she married George Tillie, a Vehicle Technician. Deploying as an Image Tech in 2015 for OP IMPACT, her imagery would pave the way for her next posting at Combat Camera in March of 2016. Combat Camera sent MCpl Kusche around the world capturing the stories of the soldiers, sailors, and aviators of the Canadian Armed Forces.

    She was privileged to be one of the first twelve Canadians on the ground in Gao, Mali, for Op PRESENCE, where she documented the unique challenges of the Theatre Activation Team. In March 2019 she along with her husband George were posted to 8 Wing Trenton. MCpl Kusche is now the 2 I/C of the Imaging section at 8 Wing Operations Support Squadron. Most recently, MCpl Kusche has had the opportunity to fly to China to cover the 7th CISM World Military Games as part of a spectacular imagery team.