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Facility Booking

Mess Facilities Upper Level    

  • Water's Edge: Is the main floor lounge used for regular bar hours. This location is sutable for smaller casual functions outside regular bar hours. (Occupancy: 105)
  • Dinning Room: The dinning room is located on the main level next to the Waters Edge and is best used for luncheons or retirements, is gernerally used for Mess Dinners and Mess Functions. This are can be book with the Waters Edge. (Occupancy: 120) 

Mess Facilities Lower Level  

  • Rainbow Room: Is located on the lower level of the mess and is our main function room. This room is used for meetings, dinners, weddings, retirements and many more types of functions. When booking this room it is often booked with the conference room for buffet food services. It has a built in screen, projector, speakers, wireless microphone and stage. (Occupancy: 220) 
  • Conference Room: Is used for meetings and courses. It is also used when booking the Rainbow Room for major functions to facilitate food services. There is built in screen, DWAN, projector and speakers. (Occupancy: 55) 
  • Pacific Station 1: Is currently used for Evening Dart and break out rooms for larger conferences    20 (Occupancy: ) 
  • Pacific Station 2: Is currently used for Evening Darts Is used for smaller meetings and has DWAN access and a protable televison for visual presentaions. (Occupancy: 20) 
  • Shuffle Board Room: Can accommodate persons seated at round tables. (Occupancy: 20) 
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