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Our Mission & Vision


The MFRC is a non-profit organization, governed by military families, that welcomes and accompanies individuals and their families, while recognizing their unique experience, from the moment they join the military community and during various transitions in their lives. 


The VMFRC is an organization recognized by the military and civilian communities for its warm welcome, its expertise, and its innovative services focused on the needs of military families. The VMFRC contributes to the well-being of the military community thanks to a caring, passionate team, as well as a network of active and involved partners.  



The ability to act freely, to meet one’s needs, to make and take responsibility for one’s decisions, while taking into account the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and cultural uniqueness of each individual and the environment in which they are evolving.  


Complete accessibility to information in all fields related to the operations of the organization, as long as the confidentiality of individuals and organizations is respected. The VMFRC shows transparency in every aspect of its management and decision-making process. It respects the standards generally recognized in the field of management regarding the way it accounts for its actions.  

A Caring Culture  

Consideration for individuals, relationships, the environment and resources. This means cooperating with others, bringing out the best in each person, being focused on others and on the mission, being compassionate, treating others with respect and showing gratitude.  


The VMFRC, guided by its vision, studies, researches, and constantly introduces new ways of working in order to improve its services and develop new practices.  


The VMFRC is fair to its clients, employees, volunteers and partners. As such, it favours an appropriate treatment according to each situation.  

Offered by the Valcartier Military Family Resource Centre · 418 844-6060 · 1 877 844-6060 

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