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FORCE Evaluation Updates

FORCE Evaluation Testing Preparation Information

Remember to bring your military ID.

The dress requirement for the FORCE Evaluation is standard PT kit. Please note:

  1. CADPAT can be worn as directed by the CoC.
  2. Knee pads can be worn for the FORCE Evaluation if desired.
  3. CAF personnel can use athletic tape to protect their fingernails.
  4. Weight belts, gloves, and chalk are not permitted.
  5. Stability braces are only permitted with the presentation of a valid med chit.


  1. Exercise six hours prior to the evaluation.
  2. Consume alcohol for at least six hours prior to the evaluation.
  3. Eat, smoke, or take stimulants (tea, coffee, energy drinks, pharmaceuticals, etc.) at least two hours prior to the evaluation.

Non-compliance with the above instructions does not necessarily mean evaluation postponement; however, CAF personnel must be informed that it can have a negative effect on their results.

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For scheduling issues, please contact your Unit Coordinator ‎or local PSP staff directly.

‎For FORMeFIT technical issues, please ‎contact [email protected].

For all other concerns, please contact PSP HQ at [email protected].

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