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Media Requests and Guidelines

Media Requests

We work collaboratively with the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces.  All media requests should be logged through their Media Liaison Office.

Once your request is logged, your request will be triaged appropriately to ensure your questions and request lands in the right place. CFMWS media relations will be in touch once your request has been received.

Media Guidelines

CFMWS understands the importance of the media as a conduit to, and representative of, the public’s interest. We work collaboratively with media to achieve its goals and ensure a successful outcome to any and all queries received.

Media relations are conducted fairly, responsibly, and ethically
We work with any accredited media organization to the extent possible. We do not play favorites or seek to gain advantage by inducing competition between media outlets. We work with individual media to cultivate stories and respect the need for confidentiality to ensure stories come to fruition. We do not disclose the activities of one media organization to another.

We do not participate in media stories that intentionally or unintentionally infringe upon ethical guidelines.

Members Come First – this includes the entire Extended Defence Team

We provide outstanding services and programs to Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans and their family members. Their needs and well-being come first; interview requests will be assessed by the Media Relations Team for suitability. CFMWS will do its best to provide media with the appropriate spokespersons for their story, when possible.

All media must work through our Media Relations Team, which is pleased to help connect any writer/reporter with professionals and experts working across CFMWS.

Access to Information

If you need to file an Access to Information request, please contact our Access to Information and Privacy Office at [email protected] to see if we can help with your query.

If you would like more information, such as previous Access to Information requests, visit Access to Information and Privacy


1) About CFMWS

2) Our Leadership

3) Our Strategies  

4) CFMWS Annual Report - 2022-2023

5) Quick Facts

  • CFMWS provides real value for the Canadian Armed Forces community and contributes to their physical, social/familial, mental and financial wellbeing.
    - PDF of pages 8-9 of Annual Report/Impact Statistics
  • CFMWS operations are diverse and include retail, financial (insurance, wealth management and financial counselling), discount programs (affinity), physical fitness, recreation, sports family support and health promotion to name a few.
  • CFMWS, as a social enterprise, is a commercial, market-oriented retail and services operation funded from revenues generated through its operations and invoiced services provided to the CAF. 
  • CFMWS received $162M from the Department of National Defence in 2023-2024 for the delivery of Morale and Welfare services and programs that support the operational effectiveness of the Canadian Armed Forces.  
  • As a separate employer under Schedule V of the Financial Administration Act of the Government of Canada, CFMWS manages its more than 4,000 employee workforce independently from the core public service.
  • CFMWS manages Support Our Troops, Soldier On and Boomer’s Legacy, the official charitable causes of the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • Support Our Troops raised $2.3M for Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans, and their families in need thanks to the generosity of Canadians.
  • More than 7,000 military members Veterans and their families were supported through Support Our Troops in 2022-2023.

6) FAQs (link to current FAQs)