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Careers FAQs

CFMWS Information

  • How many employees does CFMWS have?
    CFMWS has over 4,000 employees.
  • Where is CFMWS located?
    CFMWS headquarters is located at 4210 Labelle Street, Ottawa, Ontario. Our employees are also on every Base, Wing, and Unit across Canada, as well as locations in the United States and Europe.
  • Is CFMWS part of the Government of Canada?
    CFMWS is a separate agency of the Defence team. Working on behalf of the Chief of the Defence Staff and under the authority of the Defence Minister, CFMWS is a trusted partner in the Defence enterprise, operating under the Non-Public Property framework, expending Public and Non-Public funds in a unique operating model that creates real value for the CAF Community.
  • Is CFMWS part of the Public Service?
    CFMWS is a separate employer and recognized as The Staff of Non Public Funds, Canadian Forces, a separate employer under Schedule V of the Financial Administration Act of the Government of Canada. Its employees are public servants but not part of the core public administration. We are not employees of Treasury Board, nor are we employees of the Department of National Defence.

Application Process

Security Screening

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Why am I asked to self-identify as one or more designated groups (woman, visible minority, person with a disability, indigenous person) during the application process?
    CFMWS complies with the Employment Equity Act and is committed to having a diverse and inclusive workforce that is representative of the available labour market. By self-identifying during the application process, you help us ensure our outreach efforts are reaching all Canadians.   
  • What is CFMWS doing to promote diversity, equity and inclusion?
    CFMWS is proud to have diversity Champions for Women, Persons with Disabilities, Indigenous People, Visible Minorities, LGBTQ2+, Wellness and Official Languages. Through these Champions, and the networks they have built, we celebrate important days and milestones. This past year we celebrated our inclusiveness by hosting online events so our employees were able to share their thoughts and have meaningful discussion on diversity and inclusion. We have also created a D&I learning series to educate employees on what Diversity and Inclusion means at CFMWS.  We continue to develop initiatives by collaborating with other organizations such as Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Why is diversity and inclusion a priority for CFMWS?
    We believe that diversity and inclusion is not just about doing the right thing, but is also about building a stronger organization and providing excellent service to military members and their families. For this to occur, our employees need to bring their full selves to work, to grow, thrive and achieve. As such, we provide a respectful and healthy workplace that values an inclusive work environment and is free from discrimination. 

Official Languages

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