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Sponsorship and Donations

Whether you are looking to reach a wide audience or a niche market group, we can design a customized sponsorship package that will provide exposure for your business to a captive audience. 

CFB Borden employs 2000 military members and 1500 civilians. Each year we train approximately 15,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen and women.  Canadian Forces are regularly tasked with long deployments, cross-country postings, high-level fitness expectations and many more personal sacrifices. Personnel Support Programs (PSP) and events help maintain esprit de corps within the military community.   The ongoing success of these activities is due in large part to the backing of companies who provide financial or donation support. 

What is the difference between a Sponsorship and a Donation? 

A Sponsorship is a collaborative agreement whereby cash, goods or services are provided to the CFB Borden community in support of a particular event or activity, in exchange for an appropriate, non-monetary benefit of similar value. 
A Donation is a contribution or gift of cash, goods, facilities or services without cost to the CFB Borden community and without expectation of any benefit in return. Donations may support a specific Personnel Support Program (PSP), event or activity or have a general application.