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Borden Military Museum

father and son looking at exhibit
Base Borden is one of Canada's large Military Museum which holds a significant collection of WWI, WWII and post-war armoured vehicles, trucks and aircraft.

Museum Attractions

The main museum tells the story of Camp Borden and the various schools, Corps and Branches that have their heritage vested at Canadian Forces Base Borden. Camp Borden was officially open on July 11, 1916 by the Minister of Militia and Defence Major General Sir Sam Hughes, KCB, MP. In the 1930's the Base became the headquarters of the first armoured school, headed by the then Major F.F. Worthington. Other schools were soon added to the base making it the most important training Base in Canada. Over one half of the soliders who served in the Canadian Army overseas during WWI and WWII received some training here. Camp Borden is the birth place of Canada's Air Force and location of the first purpose build aircraft hangar (a National Historic Site). 

Both Army and Air Training continued at Camp Borden after WWII and in 1966 the Army and Air Force establishments integrated and Camp Borden become Canadian Forces Base Borden under one Commander. Today, CFB Borden is the only tri-serve Base, training Army, Air Force and Navy Personnel in a multitude of Officer and Non-Commissioned occupations.

Outside the museum, Major-General Worthington Memorial Park or 'Tank Park', named for the father of Armoured Corps, contains armoured vehicles and artillery pieces from Canada as well as other countries around the world dating back to WWI.

 The Air Force Annex contains many interesting artifacts detailing the history of the Air Force in Borden. Inside the hangar you will find the AVRO 504K aircraft, as well as others on display both inside and outside. 

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