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CFMWS National Volunteer Policy

Each year, thousands of individuals volunteer with CFMWS in various roles. Their contribution is essential because it enhances the positive experiences of our members.

National Volunteer Policy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the purpose of a National Volunteer Policy?

    To provide a consistent framework and set guidelines for the engagement and intake of national and international volunteer resources in any NPP aspect of Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS). 

    To engage employees and civilians in support of events, activities, programs and services. Volunteers are an exceptional way to spread awareness of CFMWS “Serving Those Who Serve” and to provide opportunities to “Give Back and Get Involved”.

  • What are the risks non-compliance?
    • Legal action taken against CFMWS  
    • Major injury 
    • Minor injury 
    • Theft or fraud 
    • Damage to property 
    • Brand Identity & Intellectual property 
  • What are the benefits to a National Volunteer Policy?
    • Reduces the liabilities and mitigates the risk of injury and incidents for volunteers. 
    • Encourages employees and civilians to engage and support CFMWS national volunteer opportunities and organization initiatives. 
    • Boosts morale and collaborative spirit within CFMWS and local communities. 
    • Enhances awareness to the CFMWS brand and interdivision programs and services to the CAF Community.
    • Increases national synergy as an organization. 
  • What are the benefits to having volunteer resources?
    • Increases energy during events and activities and/or revitalizes energy in the workplace if a volunteer is on board looking to gain new skills or obtain educational hours or postsecondary practicum efforts. 
    • Broadens the CFMWS demographic circle and strengthens existing relationships between partners, employees, civilians and Military members and their families. 
    • Builds self-confidence, gives a sense of pride, purpose, mental wellness and gives a positive outlook to those who participate in volunteer opportunities. 
    • Reduces employee strain and the risk of event overtime (for unionized NPF staff members). 
    • Provides volunteers a chance to gain skills from CFMWS, builds relationships that can lead to potential employment. 
  • What type of opportunities would CFMWS need national volunteers for?
    • From a CAF Community Engagement perspective, volunteers could assist, participate and / or give back in regards to: Signature Events, Coaching, Special Interest Clubs, Recreation activities etc. 
    • A volunteer could assist at a cake cutting ceremony at a CANEX store for an anniversary to aid in the recognition of patrons so that efforts of staff members can support the patrons while they are “in-store”. Volunteers could take on the warm role of welcoming, cake serving, sharing of information, showing designated areas, sign up for a promotion or a giveaway and so on. 
    • A volunteer opportunity could be virtually supporting an initiative/event to help with social media posts, emails, volunteer communications, scheduling and so much more.
  • What divisions would benefit from having volunteers?
    CFMWS nationally benefits from having volunteers participate in events, activities, programs and services. Volunteers are significant resources that support CFMWS as an organization and that engage the civilian communities to “Give Back and Get Involved” with our Military, their families, our Veterans and to the organization, to our community of One Million Strong. There are ways that each division could benefit from integrating volunteer opportunities.
    • Personnel Support Services
    • Military Family Services
    • CANEX
    • SISIP Financial Services
    • CF Appreciation
    • Support Our Troops
    • Corporate Services
    • CFOne
    • Human Resources
    • Finance
    • Information and Technology Services
  • Who collects the national volunteer personal information?
    • National volunteer personal information is collected by the manager/supervisor and will be saved on site in an electronic file format until such time there is a national database software. 
    • National volunteer personal information will also be collected on a national level at CFMWS HQ upon the development of a national database. 
  • Is there going to be a CFMWS National Volunteer database to store all the information collected so it can be accessed by all of CFMWS?
    • Yes, the goal is to have a National Volunteer database where all of the volunteer data will be stored and where volunteer opportunities can be posted. 
    • When details are available, updates will be posted and shared through communications updates.