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Canadian Forces Skyhawks Parachute Team

News and Media Services

PSP Deployment Support provides deployed Canadian Forces members with Canadian content magazines and books for recreational news and entertainment reading.  Members may request special content, and in some remote locations this is the only way to obtain hard copy reading materials. 

Amenities parcels are shipped monthly, for all deployed members to access at their leisure. Movies and series, games and clubs’ accessories are also provided, based on requests. 

Digital services are also provided to some locations, based on the size of the mission, area and infrastructure available on camp.

Remembrance Day 

So that our military members can hold memorial services in any location worldwide, PSP Amenities orders and coordinates delivery of poppies to all CJOC Missions. PSP Amenities can also order and arrange shipment of wreaths from the Royal Canadian Legion, on the mission’s behalf.

Holiday Celebration Support 

PSP Amenities provides support for Holiday celebrations, including Christmas decorations and Canadian memorabilia for the celebration of Canada Day. On special occasions and when feasible, some Canadian goods including maple syrup and coffee can also be provided, so that deployed Canadian Forces members can enjoy a taste of home.