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What would you do with more money?

Your reasons for investing are personal. It could be to own a home you love, drive a nice vehicle, help your kids go to university, afford more vacations, or set up a comfy retirement. Once you know why you want to invest, a SISIP Advisor can develop a plan to reach your goals. And if the going gets tough, remembering your “why” can help you stick to the plan.

CAF members have over $1 billion invested with SISIP 

Most of that money comes from steady investing. Here’s how a monthly savings plan can make your money grow - and what a huge difference it makes when you start young. 


This is what your investments could be worth at age 65 if you start investing when you are… 

…and invest this much every month 

Age 20 

Age 30 

Age 40 














$1.1 million 




$1.38 million 



Assumptions: Monthly RRSP contribution earning a 6% annual rate of return 

How much can you invest today? What could it be worth tomorrow? How would you use the extra money? A SISIP Advisor can help you run the numbers, set up a monthly investment plan, and starting building the wealth you want. 

The CAF pension: a $1.24 million job perk 

Your investments will be a big part of your financial future - and so will your CAF pension. It’s a financial benefit that could be worth over a million dollars in your lifetime.  

Here’s what we mean: 

  • With your pension: Let’s say you enroll at age 20, reach the rank of Warrant Officer, and release at age 45. You could start receiving a CAF pension of almost $46,000 per year until age 65. After that, you’d get a combination of the CAF pension and the Canada Pension Plan. You’d be set for life. 
  • Without your pension: Now, let’s say you want to replicate the financial security of the CAF pension all by yourself. You’d have to save up $1,235,3261 in your RRSP by age 45! That’s about how much it would take to produce a similar level of income for the next 50 years.   

The CAF pension is clearly very valuable. The question is what will your personal benefit be worth? Will it be enough to retire on by itself? Should you cash it out? And what if you roll it over to a new career? A SISIP Financial Advisor is a retirement planning professional who can help you understand how to maximize your pension benefits and make them work alongside your personal investments. 

Let’s chat about your future 

Whether you’re just getting started or already have your release date in mind, a SISIP Advisor can help you make good decisions about your money. Here are three things you may not know: 

  1. We handle all your money matters. You can talk to us about financial planning, investing, insurance, pensions, and financial counseling such as budgeting and debt reduction. 
  2. We’re part of your community. You’ll find us exclusively serving CAF members, veterans and their families on bases and wings across Canada. We live and work with you. 
  3. We only answer to you. You can count on us for unbiased advice and quality solutions that are in your best interest. We serve the CAF community, not outside shareholders. 

Ready to chat? Your local SISIP Advisor is standing by!