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The Rock Yard

Our Climbing Wall is now open at the Fleet Fitness & Sports centre. We offer various types of passes and memberships to best suit your needs. Come check out the PSP Rock Yard today!

When: Tuesdays, 1500-1800 HRS

Where: Fleet Fitness & Sports Centre

  • Rope climbing equipment provided
  • Defence Team members only. 
  • All skill levels welcome. 
  • No registration required!

Military Pricing:

  • $5 - Drop in
  • $40 - 10 Visit punch card
  • $100 - Year long pass

Civilian Pricing:

  • $7.50 - Drop in
  • $60 - 10 Visit punch card
  • $120 - Year long pass

For more information, contact: [email protected]

Please review the rules for the climbing wall below:


  • Until further notice there will be no Lead Climbing on at the HDCW:
  • No climbing above the red bouldering line on the main wall without a belay.
  • Only those climbers who have passed a belay test may belay another climber.
  • Shirts shall be worn at all times.
  • Unsafe and/or inappropriate behavior shall not be tolerated and can result in loss of climbing privileges.
  • Climbers are not permitted on the climbing wall during non-supervised hours.
  • Report any problems, (such as spinning holds, damaged ropes etc), to the staff as soon as possible.
  • Do not stand underneath climbers unless you are belaying them.
  • A maximum of 20 personnel are permitted in the climbing area at any time unless there is instruction going on in which case the maximum is 20 pers with a ratio of 1 instructor: 10 students (see SOP).
  • No F&S climbing equipment is to be removed the climbing wall area unless prior authorization is granted from the CWS.
  • No person shall access the top of the climbing wall.
  • The belayer and climber demonstrate proper use of verbal belay commands, (eg on belay; belay on; climbing; climb on; up rope; slack; tension; take; that’s me; got you; lower me; lowering; off belay; belay off etc), as required.


  • Check both harnesses for proper adjustment and double-back of buckles.
  • Check both carabiners to make sure they are securely locked.
  • Check the knot and the back-up knot.
  • Check the belay device for proper threading.


  • Lower your climber carefully to avoid collision or losing control.
  • Don’t stand too far back from the wall. You may be pulled off balance if the climber falls unexpectedly.
  • You MUST tie the rope into your harness and do not clip in with a carabiner.


  • No bouldering without a spotter and/or crash pad. Crash mat must be placed directly under climber.
  • Boulderers must yield to rope climbers.
  • Never boulder over another climber.
  • Climbers doing vertical problems have priority.
  • Keep the mat free of objects and obstructions like bags, chalk bags, clothing etc.
  • Spotting involves helping someone to control their fall, not trying to catch them.
  • Do not boulder with hardware hanging on your harness, it might hit someone or injure yourself when you fall.