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Get the Scoop on Summer Business

Couple on the couch looking at a tablet
Beat the summer heat with Canadian Forces News and indulge in a sweet advertising opportunity! 

Did you know? Just like a scoop of your favorite ice cream, our content is irresistible to readers! With nine out of ten printed community newspaper readers citing local information as their main reason for reading, your business will be in the spotlight all summer long.

As temperatures rise, so does the excitement for summer treats! With an average of 15,000 relocations for CAF members and their families happening in July and August, now is the perfect time to showcase your services.  From restaurants to attractions, let us put the cherry on top of your summer marketing plans.

Why choose Canadian Forces News for your summer advertising needs?

Trust: 60% of Canadians trust printed or digital newspaper content, with editorial content being the most trusted. Your business will be featured in a trusted environment, ensuring maximum visibility and credibility.

Reach: With our extensive readership, your message will be seen by thousands of military families who rely on Canadian Forces News for timely and relevant information. From relocation tips to summer leisure recommendations, your ad will be in front of an engaged audience.

Safe Space: 54% of Canadians trust editorial content in printed newspapers compared to only 21% trust in social media content. By advertising with us, your brand will be showcased in a safe and reputable space, enhancing your reputation among our readers.

Don't let your business melt away in the summer sun! Join us for a Summer Ice Cream Extravaganza and advertise with Canadian Forces News today. Contact us to learn more about our delicious advertising packages and scoop up success this summer. 
Couple on the couch looking at a tablet