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Workshops and Information sessions

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The Changing face of employment post COVID pandemic

The pandemic has encouraged all of us to re-evaluate our priorities and professional goals. It is normal to be thinking about new employment opportunities, whether that involves an in-person job or continuing to work remotely. Please join the Military Family Services, Employment and Entrepreneurship Program Team as they offer helpful information on navigating employment opportunities, post-pandemic.  This is a great opportunity to speak to the experts and ask questions.

Wednesday, November 23 at 7 p.m. (Berlin) | 1 p.m (EST) 

Vision Board, Beach Party 

(unilingual participants Francophones and Anglophones are welcome. Our facilitators will offer a truly bilingual session with language-specific break out sessions and more.)

Happy New Year! Let’s start it off with a party to celebrate! Who says employment, entrepreneurship, and education can’t be fun? Join us as we explore how vision boarding can help fortify your e-plans. Grab your beach towel, your favourite beverage, and get ready for some fun. This live, interactive session will help inspire you to dream big while providing helpful strategies to not only figure out what your goals are but also how to take actionable steps towards achieving your preferred future. 

Saturday January 14th, 2023 10am to 12 noon EDT

Deadline: 2nd january, 2023

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