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Home Leave Travel Assistance (HLTA)

The intent of Home Leave Travel Assistance (HLTA) is to assist a CAF member who is deployed to assigned to a place of duty outside Canada to reunite with their next of kin.

The Home Leave Travel Assistance (HLTA) program is governed by the Military Foreign Service Instructions (MFSI) and all final interpretations and clarifications are done by the Director Compensation and Benefits Administration (DCBA).

Please note this HLTA FAQ is designed to answer the most common questions members have about the program. If you have a specific situation that you feel is not answered here please contact PSP HLTA to have your question addressed.

PSP does present a full HLTA briefing to all members deploying to Small Missions, and briefs the Clerks and senior staff for HMCS deployments and larger missions when and where possible.

DCBA reviews and updates and clarifies the guidelines on HLTA as situations arise, so things that may have been previously claimable may or may no longer be allowed and/or claimable.  Please keep up to date with current policy, and ask any questions you may have, prior to your deployment, to ensure you are aware of any changes to the program that could affect what is reimbursable.