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FORCE Rewards Program Success Story

FORCE Rewards Success Story"Big thanks to you, your FORCE testing staff and especially Jason for his reconditioning guidance, for their dedicated support and inspiration. Yes, there are performing the tasks they’ve been hired and compensated for, but they do so with the utmost professionalism and extra smile that is infectious to even an old grumpy fellow like me.  

Just six months ago, following that unfortunate injury to my both knees during COVID-19 restrictions, I struggled to walk or climb a single flight of stairs. It was a very daunting period for me to say the least, that literally had me seriously contemplating my exit from the Service. But with their positive motivation along with the professional support of my physiotherapist, social worker, psychologist, and psychiatrist, my knees are off the canvass, and I just might have what it takes to go another four rounds (4 yrs) in the octagon (service)!" 

- WO R. Dowden, CD.