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Terra Firma Deployed Family Network

Connect with others going through the same experience, participate in social activities, and get the latest updates on deployments and work-related absences.

Contact Information

Family Network Volunteer:Sophia
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Group:Terra Firma Deployed (P) Family Network

The Terra Firma Deployed Family Network is for friends and families who are supporting military members away from home due to deployment or other work-related absences. 

When you join a Family Network, you will receive important updates on deployments and work-related absences, information on social activities, and have the opportunity to connect with others going through the same experience.

Register with us to receive deployment and work-related absence support by becoming a part of your Family Network, connecting with the MFRC local to you, and/or receiving support in French.

Deployment Services

MFRC How to Send Morale Mail

The Esquimalt MFRC is the easiest and most popular way to send morale mail or care package parcels to a deployed military member. This is a free service available at the MFRC under the direction of the Fleet Mail Office.
More information

Orca-class Patrol Vessels

Support is provided to families of military members deploying on the orca-class patrol vessels through the Patrol Craft Training Unit (PCTU): Orca 55, Raven 56, Caribou 57, Renard 58, Wolf 59, Grizzly 60, Cougar 61 and Moose 62.

Postal Information for MV Asterix

MV Asterix is an East Coast-based Supply Ship that provides fuel and essential supplies to military vessels, enabling them to sustain operations. There are some specific mailing instructions for this deployment:

Drop off your care packages by the end of the day at either the Colwood Pacific Activity Centre (CPAC) or Signal Hill MFRC location. Check out our mail guidelines and restrictions on our postal page.

Crew member’s Name and Rank (Mess# if known)
MV Asterix
PO Box 99000 Station Forces
Halifax NS B3K 5X5

Important Notes:

  • Please ensure your parcels are ready to send.
  • International customs forms will be available.
  • Due to the use of international mailing carriers, mail may arrive out of order. Numbering your parcels or marking them with “open on this date” may be helpful to ensure they are opened in the order you intended.
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